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YDS Supports Thunderbird Search on with Yahoo! Desktop

Thanks to Jeremy for pointing this out. See: Getting my Thunderbird Search on with Yahoo! Desktop Search (by Jeremy Zawodny) Yahoo Desktop Search (aka YDS) now supports the Thunderbird client. For people like me who heavily use both Outlook and Thunderbird this is an incredibly imporant feature. And this was one of three things that prompted me to switch from YDS to the Google Desktop Search. The other two being:

  1. Support for Trillian. I use Trillian as my instant messenger program. Why? Because I have multiple accounts on every service (don't ask).
  2. Speed. The last version of YDS that I used just felt slow. It was slow to index, it was slow to search. GDS is much, much faster than that last version of YDS that I used. Slow searching is annoying, that's the whole reason I installed the thing in the first place
What YDS does have is a great interface. Jeremy said it best:
"This made me realize that one of the glaring holes in GDS for me is the assumption that I always want to search my "desktop". The reality is that 95% of the time I simply want to search my email. YDS gets that."
I use search to index my email, Yahoo does a great job at that.

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