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Four iOS / iPhone Feature Requests

iOS has been slowly maturing over the past five years and we've all been patient. Here's my top feature requests that I'd like to see incorporated into the next version.

  1. "Proper" extension handling for contacts in the address book. I'm sure there is debate on this, but for my purposes a 10 or 11 digit number (NADP) followed by an "x" with an additional sequence of numbers is an extension that should be dialed. I know that the iPhone will enter pause with a comma "," but that doesn't help me when we are talking about thousands of contacts in CRM systems. My request:

Add a general setting to the phone that will allow me to customize how long to pause for when an "x" is present in the phone number. When dialing a phone number that has an extension, prompt me if I would like to dial the extension after the call starts.

  1. Better match for Caller ID. I have multiple phone identical phone numbers for different contacts. If you haven't guessed, they all work for the same company. It's not a good user experiance when one of them calls me and the first person in my address book is listed on the screen as the Caller ID. My request:

When multiple contacts have the same number and that number calls, use the company field as the Caller ID displayed on the screen.

  1. The ability to refresh the Calendar(s). This should be self explanitory, when you are looking at your calendar you should be able to manually refresh it and sync any changes.

  2. Gmail Archive / Delete Support. Google has completely changed the standard spec for IMAP and how mail servers function. It's annoying and awesome all at the same time. And if you're like me, you're accumulating Gmail accounts faster than you're getting rid of them. My request:

When configuring a Gmail account (normal or Apps) give me the option of either deleting or archiving the email messages. Give me the ability to only see the Priority Inbox if I want. And give me the ability to mark messages as Spam.

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