TLS 1.3 Approved Without Backdoor

IETF Approves TLS 1.3 as Internet Standard/ IETF members voted the protocol unanimously, even after members of the financial sector asked for… Read More

Petya Ransomware Information

Over the course of the past 24 hours, a new Ransomware campaign has been launched against organizations around the globe, mostly… Read More

3 Rules for Email

#1 Secure your email account Your email account is the central point of your digital life. If you lose access to it,… Read More

Modern Day Peering Disputes

CloudFlare went on the offensive this week with their peering disputes. Maybe I should frame this as CloudFlare’s desire to peer… Read More

A Practical Guide to (Correctly) Troubleshooting with Traceroute

AKA, everything you’ve wanted to know about Traceroute but have been afraid to ask. In 2009 at NANOG 47 Richard A Steenbergen… Read More

DDoS Emotions, Acceptance and Mitigation

Artur Bergman is the founder and CEO of Fastly. He was CTO at Wikia, managed LiveJournal’s engineering team, and was an operations architect at Six… Read More

The Power of FreeBSD

As an odd consequence of being so stable. I find our FreeBSD boxes are always running EOL software. Then the struggle starts of not wanting… Read More

Open Source Progress

I've been doing some spring cleaning in my hard drive and stumbled across these Apache + modssl/OpenSSL + modperl/Perl installation instructions from over a decade… Read More

Puppet Environment Errors

This morning I found one of our Puppet installations in a state of total fail. Specifically: May 25 16:22:47 www-app01 puppet-agent[7779]: Could not send… Read More

95th Percentile Billing

What is the 95th percentile? The 95th percentile is a method for metering bandwidth that allows a customer to burst over their Committed Information Rate… Read More