Static vs. BGP Routes

General rule of routing: A static route will always override a route learned from a routing protocol (i.e. OSPF, BGP, etc...). Or so I thought (and everyone I have spoken to lately)... Read More

Windows Upgrade, FAA Error Cause LAX Shutdown

See: Windows Upgrade, FAA Error Cause LAX Shutdown I will let this one speak for itself. "The recent shutdown of LAX due… Read More

Test for existing data in a db w/ perl.

my $sth = $dbh->preparecached(q(select primarykey from table where primarykey = ?)) or die "Couldn't prepare statement: " . $dbh->errstr; $sth->execute; my ($count) = $sth->fetchrowarray;… Read More

Vixie cron’s @reboot

– @reboot Run once, at startup. @yearly Run once a year, "0 0 1 1 *". @annually (same as @yearly) @monthly… Read More


“640K ought to be enough for anybody.” Bill Gates Most people involved with technology knows this famous quote from Bill Gates. With TeraByte disk… Read More

Tips for Job Seekers

Include a copy of your resume. Before you click the send button, make sure that you attached your resume first. Use spell check. Not only… Read More

HOWTO Remove Lilo/Grub

HOWTO Remove Lilo/Grub from your computer when you have been dual booting Windows XP and Linux and decided to remove linux and totally screwed up… Read More

Postgresql Rocks

Postgresql supports a data type "inet". Inet allows you to insert ip addresses into the table, and then later run operations against the host/network ranges. Read More

Set the timezone in FreeBSD

I recently noticed that some of my servers configured to use GMT as their timezone (I will detail the merits of using GMT or UTC… Read More

FreeBSD Make World

Steps I use to make world on FreeBSD: 1. Install cvsup-without-gui # cd /usr/ports/net/cvsup-without-gui make install distclean 2. Update the source files… Read More