Are you still wondering how safe cloud security solutions are? Cloud-based systems have taken off in just about every industry, leaving many to question the severity of risk factors regarding their private information. A little concern can be helpful in taking greater strides to keep prying eyes off sensitive data. With the right protections in place, you can keep your data safe when you make the move to cloud solutions.

Easy Doesn’t Equal Risky

By using cloud-based solutions, you are able to quite easily share information with whomever you want. From friends and family to colleagues, cloud-based systems are the perfect medium for storing and transferring information fast and effectively. Does this ease of use equate to risky behavior? Not necessarily.

One of the benefits of many of these cloud-based services is that they offer redundancy, meaning your data is often backed up in multiple locations. If one part of the system fails, your data is safely stored in a different space and still available to you. Furthermore, your data is also encrypted, which means it is safe from prying eyes.

These data centers can be massive, but they’re heavily guarded, not only with security software, but also with actual physical guards. While most cyber security issues occur via online activity, every precaution is taken to ensure no physical entry can be gained into a data center.

The Human Factor

While software and hardware aren’t without risk, most of the issues you’re going to experience with cloud security are going to come in human form. For example, you fall for a phishing scam by clicking on a link that puts your data at risk. Or, you use a weak password that makes it easy for cyber criminals to get into your system and access your files, potentially holding your data for ransom.

Another human factor in cloud security is the failure to update software, even when prompted to do so. Regular updates are vital to keeping your data safe and secure, even if you’re using cloud-based services and believe your cloud security is fail-proof.

Partner With a Third Party

At Clarksys, we’re dedicated to protecting your network from the inside out. Our managed solutions will secure your employee and customer data. For expanding companies, beefing up security can mean slowing progress, but with our firewall and VPN solutions, we’re giving you the ability to stay connected and secure while you expand. We are connected to the latest tools for security management, giving you the ability to keep a close eye on your network with log management, event correlation and auditing. Contact us today and let’s discuss how we can meet your needs.