Nobody wants to compromise security, but most business leaders are also focused on keeping the workflow without interruption. It falls on IT decision-makers to bring in solutions that will keep a network running seamlessly without sacrificing security. What they’re finding is that software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) security is becoming a solution that fits the bill.

The SD-WAN market is pretty hot right now, projected to hit $17 billion by 2025, according to Global Market Insights. Network security providers are among the most avid consumers of this technology, and this makes sense given that there is so much concern over the security of SD-WAN networks.

SD-WAN security basically involves hardware that secures traffic while it is in transit. To be safe, SD-WAN security users will only use hardware from trusted providers who have patches and security updates, ensuring that the unit comes to them with all the critical updates that will make them secure devices.

Among the features to look for in a highly effective SD-WAN is the ability to reduce complexities, especially those associated with driving policies and configurations. Through a more central approach, you can connect WAN security services across a network. Another feature is network performance monitoring, which gives you more visibility into a variety of aspects, including alerts that are created through firewall flags.

Be wary that when you implement an SD-WAN solution, you’re also encountering a degree of risk, which is why security has to be a priority. For example, when it is deployed over a dedicated internet connection, security risks are introduced, which means you have to take a new approach to your firewalls and threat monitoring. For this reason, security solutions are often bundled with an SD-WAN.

Segmentation is frequently a topic associated with SD-WAN. If you’ve had difficulty with WAN segmentation in the past, SD-WAN is built with software-defined architectural models, which are flexible and make those previous difficulties in segmentation much easier. And you want to segment, because with the abundance of security threats that are becoming the norm, you’ll need that extra layer of security and added visibility.

In fact, for organizations that take on SD-WAN segmentation and zero-trust processes, they’re finding the solution to be the “first responder” to threats, offering a defense to satellite offices that might not have the latest firewalls but are part of the extended network.

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