Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) offers companies a way to significantly reduce the cost of communications, but a new way to use VoIP is an even more disruptive technology. Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) offers a variety of benefits that not only save money, but provide a way for enterprises to completely change business processes and innovate on a bigger scale.

UCaaS is a collaborative communications technology that allows users to access all formats of communication through a single application, whether it’s email, voice, video conferencing or instant messaging.

UCaaS is one of many core business functions that are being transitioned to the cloud to be managed and maintained by a service provider. It is attractive for enterprises with a comprehensive digital transformation strategy who are looking for various ways to transition their environment to as many as-a-service options as possible. It’s also attractive for companies that are just beginning to explore the possibilities of cloud solutions, because it offers so many key benefits:

It’s scalable: When a company uses UCaaS, they are able to pay only for the number of users they need. This means that if a business has seasonal demand or undergoes a merger, UCaaS can quickly adapt. There’s no big hardware investment, nor does IT need to get involved.

It allows better customer service: Customers often use a combination of formats to contact a company, and with UCaaS, they’ll still receive a seamless experience. Agents will be able to see the whole communication history and be able to track how the customer was assisted in the past. So, when a customer receives an error on their statement one month, you’ll catch that error before it hits the statement the next month.

It removes geography from the hiring equation: The collaborative features of UCaaS and video conferencing allow companies to organize virtual teams. Working closely on shared workspaces and through high-quality communication formats, the virtual team concept means companies can hire the best talent, no matter where they live.

It offers opportunities for innovation: With communications streamlined and productivity increasing, company staff is freed up to think beyond their current business practices and get creative. Many experts believe this is the true potentially disruptive power of UCaaS because it provides a way for companies to get ahead of their competition.

It provides robust security and business continuity measures: UCaaS may exceed the organization’s own expectations for security and business continuity. It’s important that the company fully explore the service provider’s security measures and ask questions about the provider’s own business continuity plans. How much notice will the provider give if they decide to stop supporting the UCaaS product, or what’s the plan if the provider goes out of business?

Choosing the right UCaaS provider is one of the most important steps of the process of upgrading communications. Contact us at Clarksys to learn more about the benefits of UCaaS and what you should look for in a provider.