Enterprises are finding that cloud file sharing offers streamlined decision-making, improved productivity and the benefit of a single source of information. Many consider it far superior to using a USB drive or other type of method for sharing a file. Take a look at a few of the key benefits:

Stakeholders Can Access the File From Anywhere, Anytime. With a growing remote and mobile workforce in many enterprises, the ability to have a uniform work experience is critical. With cloud file sharing, employees access the same file and work from any location.

Team Members Can Count on the Reliability of the Information. File sharing applications offer constant access as well as regular backups so that the file always reflects the latest changes. There’s also automatic syncing between multiple devices.

Administrators Enjoy a High Level of Control. Applying controls to limit contributors’ ability to edit, make comments or delete information helps protect the integrity of the file. Administrators can also set a time limit for accessibility or changes so that when a project has been completed, the file will be preserved in its final version.

While these benefits make it difficult to argue against cloud file sharing, it is possible to implement a solution that fails to deliver the expected perks. Many organizations struggle to transition their employees from using flash drives and other methods. The employee may believe the solution is too difficult to use, or they don’t have a full understanding of the risk of insecure file sharing methods.

In order to ensure a solid buy-in from your staff and the successful integration of cloud file sharing into standard business practices, here are a few requirements:

Make It User-Friendly. Any solution offered to employees must have an easy learning curve and an intuitive design for fast mastery. You don’t want employees turning to unsanctioned, alternative means of collaboration.

Prioritize Security. Make sure the solution you choose has helpful security controls that prevent tampering, theft, and unintentional or intentional data leaks. It should also offer the ability to limit permissions by user.

Check Into Compliance. This is particularly important for financial or health care organizations, but all enterprises should make sure the file sharing service is compliant with various industry standards. Any customers, business partners and partners should be confident in utilizing your cloud file sharing solution.

Invest in Employee Training. The most common cause of cyber security breaches isn’t a malicious character or hacker. It’s your loyal employee who never misses a meeting or arrives late for work, but isn’t educated about the risks associated with cyber security. From recognizing phishing emails to understanding the risks of insecure file sharing, it’s a good investment to train your employees in cyber security awareness.

When it’s time to choose a cloud file sharing solution, don’t go it alone. Contact us at Clarksys, where we can help you evaluate your options and leverage the best file sharing solution for your business needs.