When a data breach occurs, it’s not uncommon for the security team and leadership to panic as they jump into action to curb damage, block the intruder and find out how they got in. As the multi-cloud environment continues to ramp up, there is a renewed call for multi-cloud security.

Complexity is the key word when discussing multi-cloud security. Think about how complex security was before the cloud – now it’s compounded as organizations take a new approach to distributing their workloads through a variety of cloud providers.

Security controls need to be governed in specific ways, but they also need to be implemented correctly if they’re going to be effective. This is another layer of complexity that gets added to the mix in a multi-cloud environment. Approaching workloads and how they are handled must be a priority if a business is going to meet goals, but security has to remain on par with workload priorities.

Get Visible

Complexities become more manageable with greater visibility. Behavior-based monitoring has proven helpful in this area, because it allows you to detect odd behavior and reduce threats faster.

Monitoring reveals system modifications that shouldn’t be trusted, catches on to unauthorized users and what they’re attempting to do on your system, and shows the various untrusted system modifications that are going on.

Automate Now

Even though automation isn’t perfect, when you consider that over 90% of cloud security failures are at the hands of humans, it’s easy to see why taking on an automated solution can give you some advantages.

Organizations that have successfully adopted security automation focus on continuously monitoring risk treatment, take a close look at governance rules, and constantly update them while also establishing who is responsible for what when it comes to security.

What Are Your Best Practices?

In the multi-cloud security environment, every platform should have its own version of best practices. However, some similarities can also be found, like always knowing what is happening in the environment, executing updates as soon as they become available, and setting up alerts for odd behavior.

Keep an eye out for technology that can help you transform your approach to multi-cloud security. If you’re trying to scale for tomorrow, you’ll need an experienced partner to assist you. There are a lot of options out there and finding the one that is the best fit for your organization can be difficult.

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