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Opportunity: The company has a huge global footprint, and needed international connectivity among its branches on the continents of Asia, Australia, and Europe. As it scaled, Adcolony needed collaboration tools and technology to optimize performance into China.

Solution: Clarksys is currently helping the company scale into the Chinese marketplace, and we are starting to augment public cloud infrastructure. We are working on dedicated connectivity with Chinese cellphone carriers, DNS optimization, and network optimization with direct China backbone connectivity. We maintain internet connectivity and UCaaS for the company on 3 continents.

Opportunity: The company was scaling quickly, and needed high-speed internet at multiple locations, voice solutions, as well as data center and network management.

Solution: Clarksys started the company off with a data center service, and subsequently took over management and hosting. We scaled up half a cabinet to 14 cabinets worth of space, and supplied high speed internet to all of the company’s North American offices. As it expands into Europe and Asia, we will manage voice and internet solutions.

Consumer Products

Opportunity: The company is a hyper-growth startup, and did not have time to figure out what technologies it would need to grow so rapidly. It primarily used cloud-based services, had no phones, and was dealing with poor internet.

Solution: Clarksys found a line of sight to put in a gigabit point-to-point radio for improved, reliable internet service, and enabled Soylent to manage its own on-premise network. By providing infrastructure “as a box,” we helped the company maintain a reliable, secure network without needing someone to manage it. Redundant fiber internet circuits, SD-WAN, and SaaS acceleration all helped Soylent grow without worrying about its technology.


Opportunity: The client wanted to improve electronic medical record performance and connectivity between two locations. It needed a stable environment for patient records.

Solution: Clarksys explored this customer’s processes to understand what it needed in order to transform. We constructed an on-site data center including generator, UPS, air handling, and fire suppression technologies. We also installed dark fiber to link the hospital to its offices, as well as implement redundant internet service. We’ve stayed with the client to maintain its internet connections and help with staffing.

Real Estate

Opportunity: As a company that buys buildings and leases space to tenants, CIM Group was looking for a primary data center. It needed secure, private connectivity among its headquarters and data center facilities, as well as an overhaul of its voice solutions.

Solution: Clarksys provided private fiber connectivity to the data center and covered multiple offices with connectivity. We brought the group new voice technologies, secure hosting for corporate ERP and Yardi installations, and business continuity and disaster recovery at its Chicago facility.


Opportunity: The company’s ongoing, rapid expansion means that it needed IT management for multiple aspects of its business. From a running website to managing remote users with VPN, the company needed its technology to scale with it.

Solution: Since 2002, Clarksys has helped the group

  • Staff itself to maintain its high-traffic website.
  • Manage IT from soup to nuts when it moved locations.
  • Perform CDN migrations.
  • Redesign its core site architecture.
  • Implement better connectivity, advanced voice solutions, network management, and cloud services.
  • Maintain VPN for all remote contributors and authors.

Opportunity: With an initial need for emergency, high speed internet, Southbay VFX eventuall needed to build out infrastructure into a new office space, and have a network behind it that was capable of exchange large media on a daily basis.

Solution: Clarksys provided new phone systems and collaboration tools, and fiber at multiple offices. We are working on helping them build out into China by establishing reliable, secure connectivity between China and the U.S. Working with China Telecom, we provide bandwidth optimization for production workflow between the two continents.


Opportunity: With rapid scaling on the horizon, the company needed to improve application delivery while cutting costs. Televisa needed to grow and scale their delivery of video to its subscribers.

Solution: Clarksys helped the company scale its massive video on demand presence by switching to a new CDN vendor, and providing monitoring, management, and support for applications running in the cloud. We cut $90,000 off the company’s spend by switching CDN vendors, and helped it provide a better, more efficient user experience.


Opportunity: The independent semiconductor manufacturer was looking for better voice service, faster internet, and needed compliant connectivity.

Solution: Clarksys helped the customer through multiple integration projects of unified IT connectivity as the company worked through acquisitions. We also provided ITAR-compliant voice and fiber services.

Opportunity: The company runs multiple divisions, and needed efficient, compliant connectivity across locations.

Solution: Clarksys helped the company move off of Tier 1, and provided ITAR-compliant voice and fiber internet to connect multiple facilities. We also helped the customer change voice origination and termination, and implemented international calling.


Opportunity: The company’s voice and data solutions were not consistent and were impacting the business’s ability to grow. As the group scaled, it needed better internet connectivity, and to offload the management of many of its technology operations so it could focus on the insurance business and not its IT concerns.

Solution: Clarksys helped offload the company’s IT to-do list, and started by changing it over to stable fiber internet. We replaced the phone systems with new PBX vendors, performed IT integration, and oversaw a wholesale migration into cloud desktop. We helped the company build out its infrastructure as it moved into a new building, and stayed with it to ensure that its IT worries stayed off its plate.


Opportunity: The customer needed emergency installation of high speed wireless internet so it could better connect its manufacturing centers, call centers, and seasonal facilities.

Solution: Clarksys improved and optimized the remote connectivity for retail locations, and oversaw a migration into inexpensive broadband links over a custom VPN solution. We provisioned international toll-free numbers, and centralized the systems needed for POS and credit card processing.


Opportunity: While the company initially wanted better internet service – after we analyzed its true needs – we discovered that the group needed a new IT consultant to manage its technology altogether. As a shelter for at-risk youth, the client could not risk a data breach.

Solution: Clarksys helped the company modernize its operations with better internet (fiber with backup), IT contract analysis, hosted desktop, and managed network infrastructure. We implemented fixed wireless and/or broadband for 4 locations, and introduced an SD-WAN appliance at locations to help the customer optimize internet. By evaluating the group’s long-term needs, we helped make operations more efficient and prolonged the life expectancy of current computers.

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Ready to make
your life easier?

We're already invested in your success.